Here We Go Again: Earthquakes Blamed on Climate Change Hoax

The Warmists really cant help themselves. They keep digging and digging and attempting to blame mankinds release of greenhouse gases for events that have happened for time immemorial

Could the earthquake in Haiti have been a man-made disaster?

No. But, dont let reality, history, and science get in the way.

If you ever doubted that human action was capable of profoundly effecting the Earths ecology, consider this: Scientists now believe that our mismanagement of the environment is quite literally causing the Earth to shake.

New research has confirmed a correlative link between the occurrence of major earthquake events, such as the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and rapid soil erosion caused by deforestation and man-made climate change, reports the Independent.

The idea that the weather plays a role in triggering earthquakes is highly controversial, and scientists have largely discounted previous attempts to establish a link between earthquakes and changes in atmospheric pressure, such as what happens during typhoons and hurricanes.But a new study, recently presented at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, takes a different angle. It looks at how changes to the weight of soil bearing down on faultlines might serve to release geological stress.

Very wet rain events are the trigger. The heavy rain induces thousands of landslides and severe erosion, which removes ground material from the Earths surface, releasing the stress and encouraging movement along faults, said Shimon Wdowinski of the University of Miami in Florida.

And we all know that heavy rain and hurricanes only started when Mankind decided to build stuff and stop living in caves. The story goes on in breathless fashion telling us about hurricanes and tropical storms that hit Haiti that year, because Haiti is in an area that typically gets hit by tropical storms a lot, but, this time its different, because someone drove a fossil fueled vehicle while talking on an iPhone and eating a BigMac. Therefore, there must be a correlation.

Could there be? Possibly. Thats what science is for. But, obviously, it cant simply be natural, it has to be extreme weather events caused by Mankind living a modern life

These findings should also cause a shudder in our collective conscience. Since an uptick in extreme weather is one of the many unfortunate consequences of man-made climate change, we may want to reevaluate our role in disasters that were once believed to be entirely natural.

See? We should be super scared. If Mother Nature News was so scared, theyd shut the website down, because it uses lots of electricity which comes primarily from fossil fuels.