Why Obama Is Sinking Fast

Exactly what Ive been trying to say for a while

Many on the left attribute the publics growing disapproval to right-wing scheming. An op-ed in USA Today on Aug. 10 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the town-hall protests are part of an ugly campaign and are un-American. A few days earlier, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid charged sabotage.

Blaming a cabal of conspirators—a time-honored technique for leaders on the wrong side of public opinion—is paranoid and self-defeating. More importantly, it betrays a tin ear to the culture of most Americans—an independent, optimistic culture that is mistrustful of government nannying and intolerant of policies that mortgage our future.

MacRanger completes the thought:

Barack Obama when elected had the least amount of experience than all the other candidates, and ultimately on paper was unqualified for the job. He was elected in large part because of his race, thus the first “affirmative action” candidate to be placed in office. Everyone in the media worked for this, not because he was qualified or even had good ideas, but because he 1) Wasn’t Bush, 2) they wanted to be on the forefront of history to see the first African American president elected.

Now six months down the road, Americans and even some of the media are coming to an awful conclusion.

Obama’s in over his head, and he’s taking America with him.

Andrew Brietbart has similar thoughts on Obamas blame game:

The conservative movement appears leaderless, but perhaps for the best.
Maybe that is the strategy: Standing back and letting the Obama machine flail in its pursuit of its next victim.
A grass-roots movement of average Americans has stood up, making it extremely difficult to isolate and demonize an individual.
Mr. Alinsky noted in “Rule 12? that it is difficult to go after “institutions.” And attacking “tea baggers” and “mobs” has only created more resistance and drawn attention to the left’s limited playbook. Even Americans expressing their constitutionally protected right to free speech are open game.