How Trump Acquired the Trident of Power Even Before Becoming the Powerful POTUS

In the current state of the world right now, the “superpowers” still has the greatest impact. Superpowers usually are the larger countries that are the richest in terms of land wealth and mightiest in terms of military and political power. Whatever they say about anything, the world listens. Whenever they move, the world moves with them. For smaller nations who are struggling to establish stable development and sustainability, they are all very keen and dependent on the queues and assistance of any of the “superpowers”.

One superpower nation that most nations love is the United States of America. Although in history, US civilization came recent compared to other known superpowers yet through time, they established themselves as the most powerful in the world. All aspects of a nation’s life like economy, sovereignty, and resources, US has the upper hand. Because of the immense power that is felt throughout the world, all other nations have always set one of their eyes to USA. Everything that happens in that country, the world needs to be updated since one or another, everyone gets affected.

The recent presidential elections that happened in the US got the world on excitement and equal fear. The aspiring candidates from the time the selection started within the two prevailing parties up to the time when only one remained for each side, all had personal agenda that affects the global population. Among the candidates that were followed by most of us since the beginning and until he won the seat was of course, Donald Trump. Trump has the most interesting resume among all candidates and truly enough, this resume propelled him to become the most powerful man on the planet.

Now, I don’t really want to discuss the recent ruckus and discussions that sparked from the mandates of the new president since personally, I can look and read about that from hundreds of websites over the internet. What I do want to share and talk about in this article is how Donald Trump came to be. I want to dive into this man’s life story and open up some of the interesting parts of his past. For those who do not know yet, Donald Trump was already considered “the” man even before he got the highest position of the most powerful country. By shedding light into his experiences before he step into the limelight of politics, perhaps we could see something in him that will make us more interested and sympathetic towards his current goals as the President of the United States (POTUS).

Let us start with what he was when he was still a child. Donald Trump was born from a well-off family. His father was a prominent real state developer in New York who specializes on average-cost apartments. Because of the given blessings and freedom to do things on his own, Donald Trump was rather an aggressive kid, always wanting and getting what he wants. Because of this energetic and sometimes disrespectful trait, he was sent to a military school by his parents during his teen years. Sending him to a military academy did not scare Trump, in fact, he became more firm and started to taste success. During his stay in the academy, he excelled both in academics and extra-curricular activities making him one of the student leaders of the school. When he graduated from the New York Military Academy, he went on to pursue his studies by enrolling at Fordham University and Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, respectively.

At this point in time, we can already see that Trump was born to be a leader and a seeker of power. Not only he learned discipline and societal hierarchy the hard way, he surpassed the challenges thrown at him and even sought for more to expand his intellectual arsenal. Most wise men say that if a man starts seeking wisdom at a young age, the hunger for more wisdom will be much stronger and more cunning when he gets to experience the world.

When he started his career as a real state developer, following the footsteps of his dad, he started from the bottom. Even when he was still in college, he forced himself into their family’s business and worked part time during school breaks. During his early exposure to the business, he already made contributions to its expansion by spearheading projects that his dad was not confident enough to venture. When he eventually took over the business, he renamed the company into Trump Organization and started collecting powerful and influential people in the East Coast. This is when Donald Trump started building his empire. He invested into large building projects with beautiful façade designs to attract the public and potential tenants. He was one of the people who believed that the island of Manhattan has the potential to be the center of the world. He even turned a low economic potential land into a profitable zone.

As Trump started to gain fame and prominence, people started questioning his methods. In 1973, Donald Trump was summoned by the federal government to answer allegations about his unfair business practice that violates the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Trump’s case was tackled and deliberated very long until the time came that it was ended in an un-hurting settlement and a slight reform on the company’s corporate trainings—making Trump Organization employees aware of the Fair Housing Act and informing the communities about fair housing practices.

Reviewing that, we can say that New York embraced Trump as one of its movers. The state allowed trump to find his ground and start building his empire and since New York is like one of the most prominent states in America, Trump also started to become a powerful American. The aggressiveness and the business acumen of Donald Trump had found its niche and started working for dominancy not just in the industry of real state development but also in society as a whole. Trump also had a taste of how government meddles on things and how much a mandated power’s extent can reach. Because of these experiences of success in attacking and defending, Trump became a veteran of American capitalism even before he started to dominate.

In 1990s and early 2000s, Donald Trump was already known as a business tycoon and a mogul. He already have what most of the people of the world could only dream of. As a young adult, Trump already achieved two of the three things to become a true powerful persona that could influence the world, the wisdom and the wealth. However, that did not stop Trump to seek for more power. The last and probably the most important thing that is left that could break the barrier from rich and dominant to powerful and influential is the global fame and Trump achieved this factor with style.

He took advantage of his high-profile persona and started became a celebrity by starring a reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” That show was a huge success that made Trump known all over the world in almost all walks of life. Not only that the show gave him the opportunity to gain the fame he needs to influence more people, the show also showed the world how he can be a boss. Personally, I was hooked on that show and also dreamt of being one of the contestants.

After the last episode of “The Apprentice” with Trump on it aired on TV, the making of the man called Donald Trump was already completed. Trump was already equipped with the three most deadly things that could shake not just the existence of America but of the world—the unquestionable brains, the insurmountable wealth, and the undeniable fame.

When he decided to run for presidency, a lot of people were in doubt and afraid and we all know why. The life experiences of Donald Trump not only provided him the means to capabilities to dominate but also the ego and pride of being a strong American. If a strong American becomes the strongest among all strong Americans and exercise his power over the weak, then it will be a scary world.

Honest question to everyone, if given the chance to also possess these three tangible things, what could possibly be the things you want to do next? I bet that without a doubt, you guys would go what Donald Trump went and grabbed and that is the highest seat in the political world. Having the necessary requirements like Trump has, getting the presidency will just be a one-sided competition that you need to finish and the reward is just waiting at the finish line. Now, once you are seated on that seat, it is up to you how you will use it. I just hope that you will use all your newly gained powers to ultimately improve the lives of all people in the world.

Since we are all just dreaming to become Donald Trump here, on what he was and what he currently has, then let us all hope and dream for the man to be “the” man we want him to be.