Trouble in Arkansas for Democrats

Looks like theres trouble for yet another Democrat. Blanche Lincoln. A devastating PPP poll has been released, showing her losing in a landslide to Rep. John Boozman. What makes this all the worse for Sen. Lincoln is that Boozman hasnt even officially announced his campaign.

If the election were held today, Sen. Blanche Lincoln would lose in a landslide, according to the latest polling from Public Policy.

The poll shows 33% of voters would pick the Arkansas Democrat, while 56% would vote for Republican Rep. John Boozman.

The 23-point edge for Boozman, who has yet to officially announce his campaign, underscores that Lincoln is one of the most vulnerable incumbents of the 2010 cycle. Among independents, Boozman fares even better, 66%-20%.

Also troubling for Lincoln is her 27% approval rating, and 62% disapproval rating among Arkansans. Even among self-identified Democrats, her approval rating is a lackluster 51%, and just 17% of independents approve.

The number one thing dragging down her numbers? According to Public Policy, its health care. A majority of voters are against it. Theyre so against it, that Public Policy even found Boozman beating other Democrats, in case Lincoln were to step down. Arkansas looks to be a state that will not stay in the Democratic Partys hands. Two Democrats already cut and run, but Lincoln hasnt yet. After she sees these numbers, will she realize that its her turn to retire too? Im sure shes getting pressure from party leaders to do so, because theyll think that some other Democrat will have a better chance of holding the seat.

These signs from across the country should be a cue to Obama to scale back a bit. Americans hate his policies, they hate what Democrats are doing in Congress. They voted for change and transparency, and got the same old bloated big government, the same Chicago corruption, and the same overspending. People arent happy. They arent much happier with Republicans, but most Americans dont buy Obamas repeated whining about how its Bushs fault. They know exactly who created this mess, and its the Democrats. And now, the Democrats either need to make some changes, and fast, or pay the price.

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