Rep. Wilson Apologizes to The White House

Dang it. Here I thought we had a new hero on the conservative side. Representative Joe Wilson (R- SC) yelled out “you lie” when the president DID lie during his healthcare speech Wednesday night. Now news has it that Wilson has called the White House to apologize.

Just when I thought we had a Republican with a spine, he whimps out on us.

Obama insisted that “his” plan (which is not his plan at all) would not cover illegal aliens with free healthcare coverage. The problem with Obama’s insistence that illegals aren’t covered, the truth is they are. Many sources have proven that Obamacare does, indeed, cover illegals.

So, when Obama said it didn’t during his address to the joint session, Wilson passionately called out that Obama was a liar.

Wilson was right. Obama was lying.

Too bad Wilson lost his spine after this initial good showing.