Obamas Surgeon General Pick: A Few Surprises

Perhaps you have read that Obama has asked his national security team to investigate the claims of human rights violations in Afghanistan by Allied Forces against Taliban. The short story is, there is a group claiming that we put 2000 Taliban in a railroad container to move them somewhere, they suffocated and we buried them in a mass grave. All this happened in 2001. You can read that story here. Now, the following is the rest of the story.

Obamas Surgeon General PickFinally No Controversy! WaitBetter Think Again

by Holger Awakens

Lets face it.all seemed so innocent yesterday as we saw Regina Benjamin nominated as Surgeon General of the United States by Barack Hussein Obamahere was this rural doctor from Alabama, this champion of non-profit healthcarea doctor who herself was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Well folks, what I have found out about our President is this nothing is innocent and nothing isnt calculated. Its all about pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fitting into the finished product and quite frankly, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that the finished product is uglier than sin. We might just come to understand why Regina Benjamin runs a non profit clinic. It took a little digging into some facts about Regina Benjamin but I couldnt quite understand the following:

Why is a rural doctor from the poorer section of Alabama connected to President Obamas shocking announcement this past weekend that he will investigate U.S. involvement in the alleged mass murder of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan in the early days of the War in Afghanistan?

I know, you think that Ive finally lost it here, dont you? haha Well, let me try and connect the dots for you. First off, from the article at Yahoo News, lets take a glance at this rags to riches story of Dr. Benjamin:

Pushed by the need in her own shrimping community of Bayou La Batre, Ala., and its diverse patient mix — white, black and, increasingly immigrants from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos — Benjamin, 51, has emerged as a national leader in the call to improve health disparities. She became the first black woman and the first doctor under age 40 elected to the American Medical Associations board of trustees, and in 2002 became the first black woman to head a state medical society.

Impressive, to say the least. However, not every organization that Regina Benjamin belongs to was included in that Yahoo article or the White House press releases. From the Fox News article, we find that Dr. Benjamin has held another seat of authority:

She also serves on the Board of Physicians for Human Rights

Okay, I meant to put up a Wikipedia reference to that fact that Benjamin is on the board of Physicians for Human Rights but from the time last night when I noticed it at Wiki til this morning, that information has mysteriously (or conveniently) been deleted from the Wikipedia information. So, since Regina Benjamin serves in such a high capacity at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), I decided to find out more about that organization.

I invite you to view the home page of Physicians for Human Rights here and after viewing that home page, I ask youdoes that organization not resemble the most radical of activist groups in America? I mean, for petes sake, that home page looks like something youd find at Code Pink or one of the anarchist sites! You notice all of the calls to expose President Bush and Vice President Cheneys role in the Afghanistan incident from years ago? And the light went on over my head. I decided to pull up the news story from Fox News that I cited just yesterday in the story of how Obama shockingly has reversed course and decided to investigate the U.S. role in the alleged massacre of 2,000 Taliban prisoners by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan back in 2001. I knew I had seen the organization, Physicians for Human Rights, mentioned there..or at least thought I had seen it and lo and behold, I saw it here:

Reacting to the interview, Physicians for Human Rights hailed Obamas decision.
President Obama is right to say that U.S. and Afghan violations of the laws of war must be investigated, said Nathaniel Raymond, a Physicians for Human Rights researcher. If the Obama administration finds that criminal wrongdoing occurred in this case, those responsible whether American or Afghan officials must be prosecuted.

Okay. Take a deep breath, because Im not done yet. We have just seen how the newly nominated Regina Benjamin sits on the board, in a position of highest authority, at Physicians for Human Rights. And, we now have seen where that organization is calling for the prosecution of any American officials responsible for the 2001 alleged incident in Afghanistan (Im assuming most of us have inserted Bush/Cheney in place of officials). So you have to be asking yourself just why this Physicians for Human Rights organization seems so radical.doesnt their mission seem a bit too.oh, how should I put it.political?

Hold on to your chairs as we look at the dude that founded Physicians for Human Rights. The gentlemans name is Dr. Jonathan Fine. Now, Dr. Fine is retired but I want you to look at this from the PHR site that describes the mantra of this organization:

Dr. Fine also led investigations into the massive use of tear gas in South Korea and chemical weapons against Kurds in Iraq. Under his tenure, PHR documented human rights violations in Colombia, El Salvador, the Balkans, Israel and the West Bank, and Iraq following the Persian Gulf War.

Okay, look at that more closely with me:

1. PHR looked into violations made by South Korea, not North Korea
2. PHR looked into human rights violations in Colombia but not Venezuela or Cuba
3. PHR addressed human rights violation in Israel but not in Gaza, Saudi Arabia or Syria
4. PHR investigated violations of human rights in Iraq AFTER the Persian Gulf War but has not investigated human rights violations in Iran, Pakistan, China or Russia

So, you could ask me, why are you spending so much time on this, Holger? Because I have determined that every single appointment, every single decision and every single action taken by our new President in the past six months can be linked to his furthering a Socialist/Marxist agenda for America. This woman, Regina Benjamin, stood up in front of the press corps yesterday, supposedly with this down home all-American image and the whole time the American people did NOT get to see her for what she isshe is a radical activist in the movement of Socialism in this country she helps direct an organization that demanded that Barack Obama do its bidding and he did. This is an alliance between a front group of radical activism and the head of our government.

Barack Hussein Obama. A President who has now used the post in America most associated for watching out for the health and welfare of American citizens to further his socialist agenda.

Regina Benjamin. A simple, rural doctor tending to the poor in Alabama? Think again, America, think again.

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