Obama to Sue States to End Workers Right to Secret Ballot

Barack Obama has given more payoffs, sweetheart deals, and new favorable regulations to Big Labor than any president in history. They should love him for his incredible largess. Next, in his never ending quest to harm the business community, defy the will of the voters, and give his pals in Big Labor paybacks, Obamas National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) a federal labor regulatory agency is about to sue any state that dares attempt to protect the right of workers to have secret ballots in their workplace elections. The states have made the mistake of sponsoring workers ballot protection laws.

Recently the NLRB announced its intentions to sue Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah because those states had the gall to implement constitutional amendments to their state constitutions guaranteeing that workers have a right to a secret ballot in union elections.

With this the Obama administration is moving to deny workers their right to a secret ballot, a right that has been sacrosanct in democracies for hundreds if not thousands of years. Why does Barack Obama want to take away the right to a secret ballot? Because his union pals dont want workers to feel safe voting against a union.

How can the Obama administration justify its efforts to eliminate the centuries old right to a secret ballot election? Why, because Obamas regulatory agency wrote a new rule that says so, of course.

You see the problem as Obama sees it is that Congress has not passed the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that would take away by law the right to a secret ballot. The reason Congress wont pass it is because our representatives and senators know that their voters dont support this idea.

The failure of the EFCA to pass is the one plum that the Obama administration has not been able to give to its funders in Big Labor. So, because Congress wont act, Obama used his power to simply write new regulations to just take away the secret ballot by presidential fiat. And now his NLRB is about to start suing states to push his anti-democratic ideas.

So what can we lovers of democracy do?

We can call our representatives and tell them to support HR 1176, the Secret Ballot Protection Act. This bill would stop Obamas NLRB from taking way workers right to a secret ballot.

If you want to protect the ages old right to a secret ballot, tell your congressmen to support HR 1176. Dont Let Obama take away workers rights just to give a payoff to greedy, Big Labor thugs.