Why Latino Americans Pity President Donald Trump

Ever since his political campaigns when he was still a presidentiable, Donald Trump already stirred resentment among most immigrants, especially the Latino Americans. Now that he is the President of the United States, what more do Latino Americans have to say about the billionaire?

Donald Trump vs. Latino Americans

Héctor Tobar from The New York Times wrote a captivating article about what most Latino Americans feel about Trump’s win. Looking back on the day of the elections, millions of immigrants left their day jobs and daily routines just to vote for Hillary Clinton. Hope for Trump’s loss was strong.

Trump is now believed to be the kind of person who never backs down. He would keep fighting until his enemies are defeated. He would never give up on his goals. Maybe that’s why he became a billionaire and a president.

Even as the US president, Trump still talks about his promise of a huge wall border and programs against immigrants. Tobar believed that Trump would never change his mind as long as he is in the White House. “Make America great again” became a slogan for bullying young and old immigrants.

How Ridiculous Trump’s ‘Wall’ Is

Funny as it may seem, Trump’s “build a wall” campaign is actually redundant or unnecessary. People believing that are probably far from the American Southwest or just simply unaware. As early as 1996, strong detectors, barriers and fences were already built near San Diego. Surely, more obstacles were added as years went by. Even recent data about illegal immigrants showed that only a minimal percentage managed to enter American soil.

The Beauty and Struggle of Immigrants

Many places in the United States turned out to be even more beautiful, authentic and unique because of immigrants. Culture is represented in these places. Smart and hard-working immigrants became so successful in their own businesses. Many of them were even achievers in universities. Immigrants can speak and understand at least two languages. They understand suffering, so they work hard to have better lives.

Sadly, some Americans find that degrading to how they perceive their country. They associated it with the country’s decline. Some of their campaigns are so strong that in 2008, fake news spread about Latino Americans making California an unsafe place. Tobar found out that the every “fact” from that news was exaggerated and based on inaccurate data.

As soon as Trump became president, he started banning visitors from chosen major Muslim countries. Reports about kids yelling “Build a wall!” to immigrant children emerged. In Los Angeles, immigrant laborers were harassed by racist vigilantes.

Why Latino Americans Pity Trump and Anti-Immigrants

Hate towards another group of people is stemmed from inferiority complex and ignorance, according to Tobar’s conversation with his mother. That’s why anti-immigrants like Trump are pitied by Latino Americans. On the other hand, immigrants are people to be celebrated because of their inborn confidence. Their strengths are humility and persistence.

Final Thoughts

The challenges America has been facing since President Trump’s reign have just begun. There are still so many issues to be faced. Hopefully, everything would be fine in the end.