L.A. Times Defends Monster Child Rapist Roman Polanski

I heard about Roman Polanski’s arrest over the weekend, but I didnt know the background and details and so the arrest of a Hollywerido didnt really interest me. Now I see he was a fugitive, and just how sick his crime was and see justice catching up. The details are sad and sick. Basically, he drugged and anally raped a 13 year old girl! This is one of the most horrible crimes I can imagine, yet the LA Times dont think justice is worth pursuing!

With the state Legislature forced to make dramatic cuts in the prison budget and a three-judge federal panel having recently ordered California lawmakers to release as many as 40,000 inmates in response to the scandalous overcrowding of the California state prison system, it seems like an especially inauspicious time for the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office to be spending some of our few remaining tax dollars seeing if it can finally, after all these years, put Roman Polanski behind bars.

I vehemently disagree with the L.A. Times’s Patrick Goldstein, who gives his article the apologetic title “Roman Polanski still being hounded by L.A. County prosecutors,” on this one. This creepy coward escaped punishment by fleeing the country for decades. I definitely think child molestation, drugging, and rape are worth spending money on prosecution. If Goldstein doesnt think so, Id be interested to know what crimes he does think worth pursuing.

Update: More media apologists, and some with major conflicts of interest!

Update 2: Sadly, its looking like a slap on the wrist for this atrocious crime after all these years.