Just How Big Is The Federal Government? Over 100 Million Checks Sent Out Each Month

Consider: the population of the United States is a bit over 311 million, yet, we start off with Obama unintentionally telling us that government is too damned involved in American life

If nothing else, the crisis over the debt ceiling is reminding the country of the astonishing reach of the federal spigot, encapsulated by a figure that President Obama tossed out recently: The government sends out “70 million checks” every month buy ultram online canada generic ultram information buy ultram australia .

That works out to 27 payments per second, day after day — not just to the expected recipients, such as contractors, federal workers and Social Security beneficiaries, but also to those you might not think of, such as the victims of black lung disease and their widows (50,032 checks in June), and pensioners supported by the Railroad Retirement Board (613,912).

But, wait, it gets better!

Obama used the figure to illustrate the dire consequences if the government fails to raise the debt ceiling by the Aug cheap priligy order visit us buy priligy in uk . 2 deadline. This week, Treasury Secretary Timothy F buy ativan online no prescription today buy ativan mexico buy ativan australia . Geithner upped the figure to 80 million in making a similar point.

But, wait, even that number is too low order valium buy valium online usa valium generic

The figures used by Obama and Geithner were, if anything, too low. They relied on Treasury Department figures from June that there Social Security (56 million checks that month), veterans benefits (4.5 million checks), and spending on order retin-a contractors and vendors (1 cod ambien buy ambien online canada how to buy ambien online .8 million checks).

But those numbers do not include reimbursements to Medicare providers and vendors (100 million claims in June), and electronic transfers to the 21 million households receiving food stamps tramadol without a prescription how to buy tramadol online buy tramadol fedex .

As the TV commercials always say, but, wait, theres more

Nor do they include most spending by the Defense Department, which has a payroll of 6.4 million active and retired employees and, on average, pays nearly 1 million invoices and 660,000 travel expense claims per month buy valum paypal order valum america where to buy valum without prescription .

At least the DoD is Constitutionally cheap tramadol.

Finally, did I say 100 million in the headline? If we add them all together, were probably looking at 200 million+ checks sent out every month. For a population of 311 million.

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