Hey, Lets All Pray To The Obamessiah

As Jim Hoft writes, its a cult (via Breitbart)

Voluntary prayer in school? Forget it. Saying The Pledge of Allegiance? Are you on crack? Crosses and the 10 Commandments on public land? Thats a paddling. Praying to Obama? Hey, that is OK in Liberal World.

Others: Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, theblogprof, Atlas Shrugs, The Sundries Shack, Nice Deb, HotAirPundit, RedState, Whiskey Fire, Moe Lane and The Anchoress. Im waiting with bated breath for Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson to chime in and tell us how creepy the Obamanuts are.

PS: maybe my picture post from earlier today about zombie proof homes was rather prophetic.