Everything You Need to Know about Gun Ownership in America 2017

With President Donald Trump and his programs favoring true American blood including more rights to gun ownership, gun sales will surely skyrocket during his term. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the current gun market in the United States:


Gun Control Legislation

Obviously, freedom to own guns has corresponding laws to ensure responsible gun ownership. Before anything else, we have to know first the foundation of this long-running liberty with firearms.

Gun laws oversee all possible transactions, processes and situations related to firearms. They aim to regulate the possession, manufacture, trade, transport, transfer, records and destruction of anything relevant to firearms such as accessories and ammunition. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) enforce these laws. On the other hand, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protect the citizens’ right to own firearms.

Moving forward, the following are some of the existing acts containing most gun laws:

  • Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act: This protects the licensed dealers and manufacturers from being blamed for crimes committed by suspects using their products.
  • Gun-Free School Zones Act: Unauthorized people in school zones must not possess any kind of firearm.
  • Undetectable Firearms Act: Owning, selling, manufacturing, importing, shipping, delivering, transferring or receiving firearms that don’t contain at least 3.7 oz. of metal is punishable by law. This is to prevent firearms from getting undetected in security checkpoints, especially at the airport.
  • Gun Control Act of 1968: Only licensed importers, dealers and manufacturers are allowed to transfer guns in different states and countries.
  • Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets of 1968: Purchasers of handguns must be at least 21 years old.
  • Federal Firearms Act of 1938: Certain people such as convicted criminals are not allowed to buy firearms.

How Does a Gun Operate?

Before we’ll get to the current gun trends and sales, aren’t you curious how a gun works? Most closed-bolt weapons have a bolt carrier group or BCG. Guns typically have BCG, so they rely heavily on a specific cycle to serve their purpose well. Get to know the BCG’s step-by-step process:

  1. Feeding: Bolt strips one bullet from the gun’s magazine.
  2. Chambering: Bolt inserts bullet into the chamber.
  3. Locking: Bolt locks inside the barrel extension.
  4. Firing: Sear releases hammer, striking the firing pin.
  5. Unlocking: Bolt unlocks because carrier is pushed back.
  6. Extraction: Bolt pulls cartridge from the chamber.
  7. Ejection: As one round from the cycle almost ends, ejector ejects spent casting through the ejection port.
  8. Cocking: Preparing for another round, hammer is cocked to allow additional shots.


Gun Sales 2017

While checking for the current gun sales in the U.S., sources suggest that there’s no concrete record when it comes to tracking sales of firearms. Instead, records of background checks are enough to track the popularity of guns in the country per month. The latest record is January 2017. According to FBI-NICS Firearm Background Check, there are 2,043,184 background checks in that month alone. That’s a pretty large number.

Since the end of 2015 to the end of 2016, number of firearm background checks surged like crazy. It even reached more than three million in December 2015. So far, that’s the biggest record in history. The numbers noticeably increased when mass shootings became popular and created nationwide terror.

Gun Trends 2017

When it comes to the newest guns in 2017, here are some of the most-awaited firearms:

Winchester Repeating Arms

  • “Yellow Boy”: An 1866 Short Rifle with a majestic brass receiver and tubular magazine. It is chambered in .38 Spl. and .44-40 Win.
  • Waterfowl Hunter: A configured SX4 semi-automatic shotgun with 12 gauges. Its ergonomics is enhanced for an easier swing. Also, its camo can blend in places such as grasslands and marshes.
  • XPR Compact: Designed for small shooters, proven by its light weight. It also has better accuracy.
Winchester Repeating Guns


Creed 9 mm Pistol by Walther Arms

The pistol has a comfortable and tight grip. For protection against corrosion and damages, it has coating made of Tenifer.



R.A.G.E. TCS Barrels by UM Tactical

Short for Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion Total Compensation System, R.A.G.E. TCS is the first device with recoil management that can be repeatedly configured. It means that the owner can adjust the flow of gas to achieve the perfect degree of recoil reduction.

UM Tactical


Troy Defense AR Rifles

  • A3-LW: Its muzzle can fit the firearm company’s own Medieval flash suppressor. It also has a shoulder stock in six positions, mil-spec safety selector and improved guard for the trigger.
  • GUU-5P: Its feature is the forged receiver that doesn’t have a forward assist but has M4 feed ramps and a carry handle rear sight.
Troy Defense


PA Pellet Ultralight Flintlock by Traditions Performance Firearms

This weapon is perfect for hunters looking for a firearm that’s modern in technique but has a classic flintlock action. It is strong, lightweight and has high accuracy rate. It also has three various stock finishes, a strong ram rod made of aluminum, optic sights composed of metallic fiber, a better frizzen, and an Accelerator breech plug.

Traditions Performance Firearms


Best 9mm Handguns 2017

I’m focusing on 9mm handgun or pistol because this is considered to be the most popular one worldwide. Check out these best 9mm pistol from 2016-2017:

5. Baby Eagle II BE9915R

This pistol has a solid feel because of its heaviness and strength. It also has a high rate of accuracy. Its best feature is the double-tap trigger.


4. SIG Sauer P226

Talking about its best feature, SIG Sauer P226 has staggered-column magazines that have increased capacity. Another thing special about this weapon is its short recoil locked breech method.


3. EAA Witness Elite Match

Compared to Baby Eagle II, EAA Witness has better accuracy. Its trigger and cooking pull can exceed expectations. It also has an excellent SA trigger.


2. Springfield XDm 4.5”

What’s perfect about this firearm is its combination of a full frame and a 4.5” barrel. Its three backstraps can be interchanged to secure fitting of the hand. Another feature for a better grip is the pistol’s heavy-duty texture.


1. CZ 75 SP-01

This is the best pistol because almost every gun enthusiast knows that SP-01 is still unparalleled when it comes to combat. Its structure is carefully designed for a convenient yet powerful weapon.


Gun Safety

All firearms are dangerous, there’s no argument needed about it. That’s why we have to stay careful as gun owners. To easily remember how stay safe with a gun, follow these simple rules:

  • Always consider the gun loaded to instill in your head that you should be careful in handling it all the time.
  • Only point a gun at somebody when your life is at risk.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger unless it’s a matter of life and death.
  • Some people may argue about this but – keep your gun unloaded unless if it’s needed.
  • You must be perfectly knowledgeable on how to own, operate and handle a gun.
  • Use the right ammunition for your gun.
  • Ensure that the barrel is always safe from obstructions.
  • Never rely on the gun’s safety mode.
  • Stay clear from accidents while holding a gun.
  • Always use a proper gun safe. Choose a beside gun safe for max accessibility and safety.


Final Thoughts

Gun ownership is a crucial thing the government must be oversee. With Trump being a president who strongly supports guns, people must be extra careful since they can buy all the guns they want from now on. Well, as long as they’re eligible for ownership. Control is always the key to avoid accidents.