GOP Health CARE Place Rated Awesome By CBO

Unshockingly, it isnt a plan that will bankrupt the country

The Congressional Budget Office Wednesday night released its cost analysis of the Republican health care plan and found that it would reduce health care premiums and cut the deficit by $68 billion over ten years.

The Republican plan does not call for a government insurance plan but rather attempts to reform the system by creating high-risk insurance pools, allowing people to purchase health insurance policies across state lines and instituting medical malpractice reforms.

Not only does the GOP plan lower health care costs, but it also increases access to quality care, including for those with pre-existing conditions, at a price our country can afford, House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said.

According to CBO, the GOP bill would indeed lower costs, particularly for small businesses that have trouble finding affordable health care policies for their employees. The report found rates would drop by seven to 10 percent for this group, and by five to eight percent for the individual market, where it can also be difficult to find affordable policies.

The GOP plan would have the smallest economic impact on the large group market that serves people working for large businesses that have access to the cheapest coverage. Those premiums would decline by zero to 3 percent, the CBO said.

Those of us working for really large companies are not the ones with the real problems. Small and medium business, along with individuals, are the ones this would benefit the most.

The analysis shows the Republican plan would do little to expand coverage, which Democrats were quick to point out in a late night missive to reporters.

Of course, what Democrats do not understand (go figure) is that if prices are lower, more people will purchase insurance. Amazing concept. Instead, some people, lets call them a**holes, want to spend $1.8 trillion over 10 years on a plan that will increase taxes, increase costs, and reduce service, just so a bunch of folks who are illegals and/or could otherwise purchase affordable health insurance now can get government sponsored.not sure what I am blathering on about, we all know this Democrat plan is simply about taking over even more of the country, the economy, and your life. Good thing these people, led by someone, lets call, Queen A**hole, arent making threats or something. If that happened in the private sector, someone might just call law enforcement and slap a RICO charge on them.