Duke lacrosse accuser charged with arson and attempted murder

How many of you know any details of Crystal Mangums life? She had accused men of rape long before the Duke lacrosse case, as well as accusing her ex-husband of threatening to kill her. She seems to have a history of making false accusations against innocent people. She also stole a taxi while working as a stripper and then led police on a high-speed chase. She served minimal time for that one.

A few years later, she would falsely accuse three men of rape, turning their lives upside down and ruining their reputations before the entire country. District Attorney Mike Nifong, who hid evidence and charged Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans with rape despite having evidence disproving any rape took place, was held in criminal contempt and disbarred. (She still claims she was raped, by the way, despite all evidence to the contrary.) Thousands of tax dollars were wasted, and three good and innocent men had their lives destroyed for nothing. And she got away scot free.

You would think that, after getting away with all of this, she would keep her head down and perhaps, just concentrate on working and trying to be a good mother. But of course, why would she do that? Shes now resorting to arson and attempted murder. Hopefully this time, shell have to face some kind of real justice for her crimes.