ACLU Hates Boy Scouts, Love Hypocrisy

The ACLU, beacon of Hypocrisy and Haters of all that is wholesome has been suing the Boy Scouts since at least 1999.

The ACLU, in all of their hypocritical glory, went after the Boy Scouts (still) in San Diego. The ACLU contends that the government leasing facilities to the ACLU is tantamount to the government endorsing religion. Thats a bunch of hooey. Actually its a bunch of another substance but on this site we dont use profanity but it rhymes with spit. Now the Boy Scouts are going to be defended by Department of Justices Civil Rights Division. The situation is devolving, and the ACLU is throwing a spit fit about the government siding with the Boy Scouts. Score one for the government coming to their senses. The Scouts arent a religious organization, as evidenced by the fact of Muslim Boy and Girl Scout troops.

But that doesnt matter to the ACLU, whose hypocrisy will be thrown in your face momentarily. But first this bit;

Jordan Budd, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego Imperial Counties, said he was disappointed the federal government sided with the scouts.

“Its distressing that the civil rights division of the Department of Justice is defending the right of a discriminatory organization to receive a public subsidy,” he said.

Pay attention to that last bit. It becomes very important in a moment.

In a stunning move of chutzpah proving perhaps the ACLUs position in First Place for Hypocrites of the Year the very same ACLU suing the Scouts and the city of San Diego is also suing the City of San Diego for CHARGING RELIGIOUS GROUPS to use meeting rooms. The whole crux of their argument rests on this:

The ACLU argued that fees cannot be based on what the groups renting city rooms are saying or doing, but rather on conditions such as cleanup costs.

I love the smell of Hypocrisy in the morning.

The whole dust up about room fees started when a manufacturing group started a petition drive to enact term limits.

It was sparked by the Escondido Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners Positive Action Committee, which had been using community rooms for free until it started a petition drive to impose term limits on members of the City Council.

I say the city is in the right here. The rules were in place stating political and religious groups must pay. When the Positive Action Committee started pushing a political petition they became a de facto political action committee, subject to the rules in place. Id wager some of the people the positive action committee were aiming to get out of office are also some of the same folks the ACLU would like to see out of office. I actually wouldnt be surprised if there was some behind the scenes collusion between members of the positive action committee and the local ACLU branch. I also wouldnt be surprised to find out that a person in one group is married/living with a person in the other groups. Of course that is speculation on my part. Instead of speculation well call it Accountability journalism, like the AP, that way the ACLU can be held accountable to me.

The hypocrisy of the ACLU on this stance is so thick and so smelly its as if a super tanker full of hypocrisy ran aground and spilled its load.

But thats what we have come to expect from the ACLU. If they can take a stance against common sense, decency or the government they will do so without blinking and without regard as to whether the current stance they are taking goes against a stance they have had in the past. When you get right down to brass tacks it shows the thunderous heights to which the ACLU will go in pursuit of their anti-American agenda.

The fact that so many people are still members of this group is also telling. It shows they are either completely oblivious, i.e. ignorant of the facts (which is forgivable IF they are willing to learn) or they are stupid to a point of being a danger to themselves and others or they really do hate America and all she stands for and they willingly go along aiding our internal enemies. I pray its the first choice. I really dont believe its the second choice and I am terrified the third choice is closer to the truth.

Either way (and at risk of getting sued by the ACLU) God Save Us All.