2006 Audio of Obama on Appointing Supreme Court Justices

We are all hoping that Republicans wont be shy in following Barack Obamas example of scrutiny in vetting his Supreme Court Justice picks. The choices are already looking as if they will need a thourough examination. At least we are promised a judge with empathy. That cant be a bad thingright?

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Here is Obama on Souters retirement:

Ed Morrissey:

Based on Obama’s appointments thus far, expect a mediocre candidate that will be just middle enough to get a few Republicans on board. Don’t expect it to go quietly, but the Republicans probably won’t stage any extraordinary action to block it, unless something arises like tax problems or other issues that rise to incompetence or corruption. That’s actually the way presidential appointments should be handled, as elections have consequences. After the dust settles, the court will be in exactly the same position as it is now, but in the meantime the GOP will have had an opportunity to show Obama as no post-partisan moderate but as a liberal idealogue. Elections do have consequences — and so do appointments.

Well, some are getting fired up:

“Phone lines around Washington began burning this morning as conservative organizations kicked off preparations for the fight over President Obama’s eventual Supreme Court nominee.

Associate Justice David Souter’s decision to step down at the end of this term has awakened a long-dormant network of conservative organizations that will do their best to augment — and at times pressure — Senate Republican efforts to frame Obama’s eventual choice.

A group of more than 50 conservative groups held a conference call early Friday to begin plotting strategy, sources on the call said.

“You’re already having chatter between conservatives on who is going to be the nominee, what type of nominee is going to be put forward by President Obama,” said Brian Darling, the Heritage Foundation’s Senate director and a former top Judiciary Committee staffer.

Groups like the American Center for Law Justice, the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary and the Committee for Justice will all prepare background research on potential nominees, setting up the eventual, inevitable attacks on the nominee as a left-wing extremist.

Those groups are gearing up for the first time since helping doom the nomination of former White House counsel Harriet Miers in President Bush’s second term and replacing her with Samuel Alito.

“We’ll be organized. We’re more organized than ever before,” said Jay Sekulow, the prominent conservative lawyer who heads the American Center for Law Justice. “The reality is we’ve got quite a challenge here with a Democratic Senate that’s virtually filibuster-proof.”

Sekulow also pointed to the fact that Senate Republicans have yet to designate a point person on the nomination. The GOP lost its top judicial spokesperson this week when Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), who had been the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, bolted for the Democratic Party.”

It is interesting that Specters party switch could be cause some backfire now. A fly in the ointment, I guess you could say. All eyes are now on Lindsey Graham! He could be the determining factor!

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